In 2016, ecommerce sales are predicted to exceed 550 billion dollars alone.

As an ecommerce marketer, you need to constantly be on your toes, with your ear to the ground on what’s in the pipeline and what can help you sell your products and services better. It’s crucial that you are changing dynamically to your customers’ needs, targeting the right audience, and making sure you have the most optimal strategies, technology, and people on your team.

In this webinar, the General Manager of Shopify Plus and Hanapin Marketing’s Sales Executive, join forces to discuss important trends and what opportunities are available for your business to hone a better and more optimal ecommerce strategy.

You’ll get expert-level marketing tips like:

  • Important trends in ecommerce and where the market is going
  • How PPC can give your marketing a boost
  • Expansion opportunities you need to be thinking about

Presented by

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Loren Padelford                      Danny Friscia


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