4 Insights PPC Advertisers Need To Know

Featuring PPC Hero blogger, Chadd Powell and Navah Hopkins from Wordstream

The typical small business spends $1,200 a month on PPC & wastes over 25% of their budget! This is generally due to haphazard approaches to account structure & quality score. Are you wasting dollars?

Join us on Thursday, October 29th at 1pm EST as Hanapin Marketing & Wordstream experts showcase trending topics & strategies for building a foundation for PPC campaigns.

Learn tactics from our industry experts!

Best Practices for Campaign Structure

We’ll be talking about segmentation between mobile and desktop and potential strategies of breaking campaigns out by the upper and lower parts of the funnel. Facebook is also a hot topic! We’ll discuss the importance of Facebook in the mobile arena and the differences in remarketing on Facebook for lead gen and ecommerce businesses.

Budget Allocation

How do you allocate your budget between mobile and desktop campaigns? We’ll discuss allocating by type of campaign as well!

Ad Copy Theory

Reaching people on social networks is much different than search engines. We’ll be discussing the differences in ad copy on search and social, the use of images, and ad formats.