Google Analytics can either be your best friend or worst nightmare. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and flustered with Google Analytics features and report options, and at times it can be daunting to figure out. However, it is also an invaluable tool and should be used in conjunction with your paid search efforts.

One of the initial steps an account manager takes when looking at a new account is to dig into their Analytics data. This whitepaper walks through a number of features and reports that are important to familarize yourself with to get the most benefit out of Google Analytics.

In this Whitepaper we’ll discuss:

  • Creating custom reports and segments to tailor to your account’s needs
  • Utilizing the Remarketing feature in Analytics to re-engage interested users
  • Getting better context on what’s happening on your site with graph annotations
  • Using the Cohort Analysis feature to gauge whether or not you are binging in relevant traffic likely to return to your site
  • Finding specific reports that follow the behaviors and conversion paths of your users

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