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There’s often a misconception in marketing that you need to be super technical or have a programming degree to build scripts. Or you have to be able to code to make a really awesome landing page (which would be a fantastic skill to have, but let’s be honest, we’re busy and there’s plenty of tools out there to use). You don’t need either to be good at both. If you can use excel, you can understand a script. Knowing your user and what they want will be the ultimate way to make a great landing page.In sessions 3 and 4 of the PPC Hero Summit, members of Hanapin’s Analyst and CRO teams, alongside Fred Vallaeys from Optymzr and Oli Gardner from Unbounce, tackle how to start using scripts to automate your tasks and how to build great landing pages for more traffic and more conversions. Here are the official descriptions and presenters for each:

How to Start Using Scripts [+Prebuilt Templates Included]
12:00am – 12:30am EST

Presenters: Jacob Fairclough & Fred Vallaeys

Scripts can be overwhelming to start, but they are the easiest and most profitable way to automate your tasks on a predefined schedule. No computer science skills needed. If you can use Excel, you can understand a script. In this session, Hanapin’s Associate Director of Analytics, and Optmyzr’s Co-Founder, Fred Vallaeys, will give you the pro tips on how to get started with scripts and provide prebuilt examples you can use.

More Traffic, More Conversions: How To Build Great Landing Pages
12:30am – 1:00pm EST

Presenters: Samantha Kerr & Oli Gardner

Landing pages are a critical part of your marketing strategies, so it’s important that you develop them with a great user experience and your conversion goals in mind. In this session, Hanapin’s Sr. CRO Manager, Samantha Kerr, and Unbounce’s Co-Founder, Oli Gardner, breakdown the components that help you build landing pages that get you more traffic and more conversions.


The PPC Hero Summit happens on Wednesday, March 6th from 11am EST – 3pm EST. Along with the Hanapin team, you’ll see presenters from Optmyzr, Mobile Monkey, Unbounce, and Adstage. It’s a great seminar full of actionable content and resources for marketing and brand managers.

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