PPC Hero / Hanapin State of Paid Search PPC Marketing Survey Report

You wanted it, you participated in it, and now you get to see the results!

Our report on the 2013 State of Paid Search is now available for download, and as always, it’s based on your answers to our Hanapin Forum survey of the same name. We had hundreds of respondents this year, a majority of which were search marketing pros who are also “decision makers” within their company.

Which is exactly how we got exclusive PPC stats like the one we’re teasing here:

Facebook Marketing 2014 Search Advertising Projection

But that’s all we’re going to show you right now. To see all of our findings about where the PPC industry is right now, and where search marketing is going in the future, download the full 2013 State of Paid Search report below:

State of Paid Search Main Image