Now that we’re all aware that paid social is crucially important for your business…it’s time to catch up with the always-changing ad formats, algorithms, and audiences.


We’re taking predictions for paid social a step farther than 2019… looking all the way into 2020. Talk about getting ahead of the game! From Instagram spend to Facebook attribution to how Amazon and paid social fit together, we’re rubbing our crystal balls and bringing in the experts to discuss what they’re forecasting for the future.


Hanapin’s Cassie Oumedian and AdStage’s Paul Wicker can’t wait to share with you what the future holds for paid social, including:

  • How each platform will change in the future, from Facebook to Pinterest to Quora ads, and what you can do to prepare
  • How story form video will amplify, and how it will show up on different platforms
  • Awesome stats from AdStage’s brand new Benchmarks Report, hot off the presses