Industry Targeting: PPC for EDU Toolkit

By Mark Casey | @Mark_Casey | Director of Inbound Marketing at Hanapin Marketing


paperstack_rightside_editEducation is one of the most competitive verticals in online advertising. Your SEO and PPC campaigns can help to alleviate some of this competition. The good news is, you can optimize your efforts through cost per enrollment tracking, remarketing and multi-channel marketing.

Fortunately, this is an area where both Hanapin Marketing and Intrapromote excel, and we have put together this toolkit to help you along with your PPC & SEO marketing down the road to success!

What’s inside?

  • PPC for EDU checklist PPC checklist for quick and easy validation
  • Search Strategies for Higher Education Integrating PPC & SEO for EDU Webinar Our webinar with Intrapromote focuses exclusively on higher education PPC and SEO.
  • SEO Strategy for University Case Study An exclusive case study from Intrapromote that teaches more about SEO from a higher education standpoint.

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