PPC Hero Landing Page Optimization Podcast - Business Plan Pro

Today’s PPC Hero Landing Page Optimization Podcast will focus on the Business Plan Pro PPC Landing Page, submitted by Nicole. Nicole said in her submission that this page was a redesign of BusinessPlanPro.com. In the initial testing phase, the new page did about 10% better in conversions. However, after implementation the new page showed an overall decrease in conversions, so she switched back to the original page. She would like to know what is wrong with her new page.

With these challenges in mind, our fearless PPC Hero team has provided some tips on solving some of these problems. During our discussion we focused on these areas:

  • If Business Plan Pro is the main driving keyword for this site, then the keyword density could be enhanced.
  • Opportunities to improve the flow of the landing page.
  • Include more features and benefits.

Nicole’s core keywords include: Business Plan Pro, Business Plan Software, Business Plan, Business Planning software, Writing a Business Plan, and Business Plan Template.

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Here are a couple quick snapshots of BusinessPlanPro’s PPC Landing Page and it’s homepage:

Business Plan Pro's PPC Landing Page
Business Plan Pro's PPC Landing Page
Business Plan Pro's Homepage
Business Plan Pro's Homepage

Are you interested in having your landing page critiqued by the PPC Hero team? Don’t be shy! We’d love to hear from you. Check out our submission guidelines and send us your information!

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