Today’s PPC Hero Landing Page Optimization Podcast will focus on the PPC Landing Page, submitted by Nick. Nick said in his submission that this page is about 8 months old, and conversion rates have been declining since that time. They are geotargeted such that ads only appear to searchers within a ten mile radius of their office.

The PPC Hero team has provided some tips on some elements of the site and PPC account structure that could be modified to provide a better user experience, PPC quality score, and increase overall conversion rates. During our discussion we focused on these areas:

• Keywords should be placed in specialized ad groups by searcher intent, and should also appear in the ad text for their ad group and on the landing page.
• Using “trust symbols” such as association membership symbols or security symbols on the site can increase visitor trust and increase the likelihood of conversion.
• Including a link to your privacy policy is important both from a user standpoint and for your landing page’s quality score with Google Adwords.
• A concise contact form is appropriate, but the page should give users an idea of the benefits they will directly receive by filling out the contact form, direct them to fill out the form, and make it more apparent (in a headline for the form) what action you want them to perform.
• Using different methods to geotarget searchers may assist in reaching a wider, but still very relevant, audience.

Nick’s core keywords include:
houses for sale, houses for rent, rent to own houses, homes for sale, homes for rent

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A sample ad text reads:

Greensboro Houses
$2000 Total Move In!
Quick, Simple Process.

Here is a quick snapshot of GreensBoro500’s Landing Page:

GreensBoro500 Home Page
GreensBoro500 Home Page

Are you interested in having your landing page critiqued by the PPC Hero team? Don’t be shy! We’d love to hear from you. Check out our submission guidelines and send us your information!