Today’s PPC Hero Landing Page Optimization Podcast will focus on the PPC landing page, submitted by Alan. Alan submitted the page because he’s looking for ideas to increase his conversion rates.

The PPC Hero team has provided an analysis of the well-formatted elements of the landing page, as well as some ideas which could be tested to continually improve PPC conversion rates. Our discussion focuses on the following areas:

• PPC ads/keywords – Branded terms are pretty much always going to convert at a higher rate than most other keywords, but using longer-tail keywords or more descriptive keywords may help with conversion rates as well. We also discuss how specialized ad text gains search volume and lowers your cost-per-conversion because these keywords are likely to have a higher conversion rate than the generic “girl’s coats”.

• Landing Page Graphics – The design of the page matches the content: fun kids coats. However, we do suggest testing a plain background. The brightly spotted background distracts from the design and color in the coats, so a plain background will help the products pop more. Also, the logo at the top is slightly pixelated and might look more sleek if it were cleaned up a little bit.

• Landing Page Navigation – The links at the top of the page should be the most important – if the mailing list sign up and size charts are not your most important links, move these down and replace them with higher priority links. On the landing page itself, you could test having each of the photos lead to product categories, not individual products, as another way for people to easily navigate to what they want. A third point on navigation we mention here is the mailing list signup. If you want people to sign up for your mailing list, you might want to put a box where they can submit their address directly next to the call at out the top of the homepage. People are more likely to fill it out if they can do it without having to navigate to a different page – there’s more immediacy.

• Landing Page Trust building – We mentioned a few things that you can highlight to build credibility with users including: About Us, Returns Policy and Secure Ordering Symbols. These should all be at the top of the page. You could also highlight benefits of the products’ quality like: machine washable, superior workmanship, or special orders available.

Visit the site and follow along with the PPC Hero team’s suggestions for various elements of the landing page!

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Here is a quick snapshot of KidsCoats Landing Page: Homepage Homepage

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