What is the end of the year for if not recaps, lists and “best of” articles covering every conceivable topic? Personally, we love them! And our industry is no different: Wordstream has just released their “Best of PPC” year-end list, and we were delighted to see three PPC Hero articles listed — from three separate authors!

Our very own Sam Owen was listed in the “Best PPC Case Studies” section for his post Do People Actually Click Sitelinks? in which he goes in depth (with plenty of real-world data) answering that very question. Curious about his conclusion? We invite you to go back and read for yourself!

And of course we’re known for our exhaustive guides here at PPC Hero, so it’s no wonder that we were also mentioned twice in the “Detailed PPC How-To Guides” section.

First up is Eric Couch with 3 Easy AdWords Scripts to Analyze Your Account — a guide for identifying and using scripts to help you analyze and plan for your account. Even closer to our hearts, this post really kicked off a year of scripts as a hot topic here on PPC Hero as we wrote about and developed scripts to help all of the PPC Heroes out there become more efficient.

Shameless plug: Check out Hero Pro for tons of useful scripts, where our scripts library is always being updated with new tools!

Second but not lesser in any way (Wordstream’s list was unordered) is Amanda West-Bookwalter, who nailed a comprehensive guide to PLAs with the aptly named Total Guide to Product Listing Ads. Amanda has always been our ecommerce guru here at PPC Hero, and this simple-yet-thorough guide to getting the most out of your PLAs shows why.

To conclude, we should say that it’s been a great year here at PPC Hero, and while we’ll have our own list of the most popular posts next week, it’s nice to be honored, and we know that it wouldn’t be possible without the avid support (and suggestion ideas) of you, our dear readers.