Google is definitely reaching new heights with their mobile ventures. Search Engine Land reported this week that Google is to introduce Click-to-Call (billing) in Ads on Mobile Devices. It will work much like the clicks to a website, except a click will lead to a phone call.

Tis the season for resolutions, so here are 5 great ideas from Jason Tabeling of Search Engine Watch that will help us all get back to basics, and help make 2010 a fantastic PPC year!

Though short and sweet, this post from ROI Revolution helps us remember the cardinal rules of PPC ad text writing that will help improve your performance.

What would the new year be without predictions? Here are a few things to consider when planning for 2010, if you haven’t already gotten there. Mobile web advertising, what a great idea!

Here’s a nice analysis on the value of tail keywords. While the findings aren’t scientific, it’s nice to be reassured that tail keywords are not a waste of time! This however we already knew.

Selling clients on paid search in this economy is no easy feat. Search Engine Land’s Benny Blum discusses how to best measure PPC results and explains the benefits of PPC marketing. Hopefully, you’ll be armed with the right information the next time you have to convince someone to use paid search.