As an offset of Google AdSense, AdSense for Shopping helps monetize all site traffic. Using sites that are a part of AdSense for Shopping, Google now offers ad space for your Shopping Campaigns when a user is on one of these retail sites searching for similar products that you offer.

Google explains that just like with text ads, opting into Search Partners on AdWords will not effect your quality score for your ads showing on Google’s Search Engine.

Where and When Do These Ads Show?

Wal Mart is an example of a retail site that is part of AdSense for Shopping. Below is an example of the new Shopping Campaign ads on

If the user searches for a product as seen below:

Tennis Shoes Search

They will scroll and potentially see ads on the side of the page such as:

Tennis Shoes Ad

So, your products will be seen on relevant search queries just as they are in Google Search. But, wait there is more.

Below you see that nothing was searched for, but instead a path was followed throughout the site: Clothing > Shoes > Men’s Shoes:

Google Shopping

This path triggered the following Shopping Campaign ads:

Shoe Ads on Wal Mart

As you can see, the new Shopping Campaign Ads are similar to Search Text Ads on Search Partners, except instead of using keywords it is your product feed data triggering either Search Queries, Search Paths, or Product Names on the Search Partner page. Hanapin Marketing’s Sam Owen wrote on this feature with Search Partners back in December on Search Engine Land.

Be aware that your text and shopping ads can show on the same page if you opt-in to Search Partners in both campaigns. The ads below for example were on the Wal Mart page when searching for “tennis shoes” along with the Shopping Campaign ad.

Text Ads Tennis Shoes

Another item to look for before opting into Search Partners with your Shopping Campaign ads is your prices compared to some retail site prices. For example, if Wal Mart sold that exact shoe for $35.00 that Eastbay had for sale at $49.99, this ad is likely going to be ignored.

However, on the other hand these shopping campaigns can work tremendously on sites such as Wal Mart in some cases. In the example below the user is on the Wal Mart site looking for specific shoes (the exact shoes the Eastbay ad showed previously):

Nike Shoes Search

As you can see, Wal Mart does not have this product, and they actually do not connect that search query with shoes but instead with electronic products such as global-positioning systems. While this appears to be an error in the search query response on Wal Mart’s end, it may help advertisers of this specific shoe. If the user scrolls down far enough they will find the shoe they are looking for through shopping ads:

Nike Court Shoe Ads

These ads are likely to be clicked if seen, as the user may assume the product is not offered at Wal Mart and find the shoe through these advertisements at a price they like.

Overall this feature seems to be a good route to take when using the Search Partner Network, as the ad seems much more appealing than text ads to the user who is exploring the web on retail sites.

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