Remove the Clutter for a Simple User Experience

When it comes to conversion rate optimization, less is more. But when you see all the bells and whistles you could include on your landing pages, it may be hard to remember this. We have so many options nowadays to improve our CRO, but it is vital to have a balance of a pleasant user experience without being too flashy. So how do you find that balance?

In this webinar, VWO’s Tejaswi Raghurama and Hanapin’s Kate Wilcox will show you the value of taking the complexity out of what we can do, and use simple tactics to make your site users want to come back and visit.

Join us and you’ll learn:

  • How to know your audience well and leverage that information
  • The best ways to personalize your content without being too overwhelming
  • How to remove the biggest and smallest obstacles for your users

Presented by:


 Tejaswi Raghurama                      Kate Wilcox

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