It’s been a busy week for the developers over at Google AdWords and Analytics, as they’ve rolled out a bevy of new functionality items over the past few days.


Automating Branded Segmenting in Analytics

Recognizing the ubiquity of the commonplace best practice to segment Brand traffic out from the rest, Google Analytics can now automatically do this for you. Analytics is able to pluck your branded terms out of their keyword crowd by parsing performance, text-string, and domain data.

Don’t trust Analytics to proficiently and accurately automate this task? Fear not. Using the “Manage Brand Terms”  (Admin tab à Channel Settings), you can review Google’s sorting process, and accept or decline its recommendations.


Segment by Location Distance

But Google isn’t all about automation. In fact, this past week they’ve provided advertisers with a metaphorical telescope to wield from the decks of their PPC performance ships.

I spy location-based optimizations on the horizon! Unfurl the masts! Prepare for lowering CPAs! (Karoly Czifra/Flickr)

Now, from within the AdWords dimensions tab,  advertisers can segment performance by distance, between 0.7 to 40+ miles. Not only is this useful for information analysis purposes, but it also comes with actionable potential; advertisers can tap into the distance segments and apply different settings, such as location extensions and bid modifiers.


AdMob Network

And finally, Google announced that advertisers can now access the AdMob network. This will allow advertisers who wish to utilize the network to target audiences based on their app-install history, based on information from Google Play or the iTunes Store.

Also featured in this rollout is the ability for advertisers to feature video advertisements on the AdMob network. And it’s simple! All it takes is a YouTube URL or Google Play Store listing.  So what are you waiting for, app developers? Time to fix your AdMob flag to your advertising pole and let ‘er rip.

(featured image by (a)artwork/Flickr)