Remarketing may be a common trick, but optimizing your efforts is much easier said than done. And there’s no better audience than one that already knows you, so it’s worth spending as much time optimizing your message and ad channels for your remarketing lists as you do for your wider audience.

Targeting, positioning, messaging and optimization. Doing them well is harder than it seems. In the webinar, experts from Hanapin Marketing and 3Q Digital discuss advanced methods and optimizations for RLSA and Retargeting that you may not have thought of before (or may need to increase your efforts within).

You’ll learn how to rule 2014 with advanced RLSA & Retargeting:

  • Who you should (and shouldn’t) be retargeting. (Hint: “Everyone” isn’t good enough!)
  • Why remarketing works best in conjunction with standard search ads, and how to keep the two in harmony
  • How you can sell yourself and your services better the second time around (and know it’s working)

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