In PPC, we can do some pretty amazing things to help ensure a brand’s message is being heard by its audiences. Extensions are in fact, one of the tools Google equips digital marketers with to do so. We have image extensions that display product visuals and also price extensions that are used a bunch when sharing price points with relevant users, but another heavyweight extension to be considered is none other than the notorious sitelinks.

So what are Sitelinks? 

Sitelinks are miniature ads that help complement an already grounded ad copy. These extensions are used to further expand on useful knowledge a business would like to promote by providing specific pages their audience can be directed to. For example, store hours, products, deals, updates, and store location are some ways to reach people in concise ways. Sitelink extensions appear in ads at the top and bottom in groups of 2s and are compatible with search campaigns and video campaigns on YouTube. Another great thing to note is that they are free to add! Meaning you won’t be charged to expand past your original ad copy but instead, each sitelink will be treated as the ad copy it falls under.

Source: A Screenshot off google – typing in sitelink example

Key Benefits About Sitelinks

Now that you have a brief understanding of sitelinks, let’s chat about how useful they can be for a business. Within a brand, there’s always a continual need to share various information with its audience, which can be quite cumbersome especially when creating a new ad copy to speak to each new topic as they arise. With sitelink extension, it becomes far easier to manage multiple products and business offerings! “Sitelinks help to display a range of different pages within your site. It might include main categories from your menu, particular product pages …This encourages people to navigate throughout your site, as they can see more of what is offered on your site,” written by Brightedge. It is as simple as a small change and adds in text and URLs whenever you want. 

Whenever a client has new sales or special offers, the sitelink eliminates the need to create additional ads if it isn’t necessary. Sitelinks even allow you to schedule start and end dates for a specific run time. Also, looking at things a bit more strategically, you’ll find that with more sitelinks, your ad message covers more ground on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) which inadvertently dominates more coverage share from your competitors. Barry also concurs when he writes that sitelinks significantly expand the size of your ad. This means your ad becomes more noticeable on the page and can make your business look more prominent.”Are we playing checkers or chess?

Another sweet benefit is the additional insights you receive aligned with specific products or offerings that can prove to be invaluable when really boiling down the interest of your audiences. Having a peek at how many clicks or spending dollars were attributed to an extension over another can make a huge difference in strategizing. Finally, sitelinks can also tailor landing pages which is a pretty cool benefit. “Benefit with manual sitelinks is that you get to choose exactly which pages might be shown, and you control messaging directly with customized link text and link descriptions,” written by SoSo Savesh. Not only can you explain you’re amazing product through text, but you can also cater a user experience specifically with the item they’re looking for! Talk about top-notch service.

Now there’s a lot to love about adding site links for your website, so it’s natural to ask how exactly to add them without pulling out hair. Here’s a quick guide to reference. 

In Conclusion

There are a bunch of ways to showcase all the good products your audience would be interested in but nothing does it quite as well as a healthy list of sitelinks. Remember these sitelinks are perfect when you have a bunch more you want to say to your audience. Sitelinks are great at figuring out what works better than another offer, but the golden benefit is that it’s easy to adjust, implement and showcase more without a single dollar outside of the click! If you like to share new offerings with your audience, then for the love of sitelinks do it!