Back in February, Acquisio and Hanapin experts did a live webinar on Acquisio’s new Bid and Budget Management feature. As a follow-up, this webinar revisits the Bid and Management feature with insights on new case studies and the benefits of having both an automated system and a “Captain” to guide the technology.

It explores new questions like: Why does it matter to have technology that reacts quickly? Why do you still need a human manager if the system is doing everything for you? How do you balance the two? What can I do to work smarter for my accounts?

In the recording below, digital advertising experts, Marc Poirier from Acquisio and Jeff Baum from Hanapin, dive deeper into the pros and cons of bidding strategies and talk about real-life examples of using the system for their ppc accounts.

You’ll get expert-level PPC tips like:

  • Software and reporting that will help you make better decisions for your account
  • Examples of case studies where automation worked or didn’t work
  • Pros and cons of automation vs. human management, and how they should be working together

Here is the Webinar Recording:

And here is the Slideshare Presentation: