We all understand the strategic benefits that PPC provides to an organization, but it also is a great platform for testing.

CEO’s & CMO’s are not the most patient bunch of people. They want to see quick results along with deep performance insights. Testing is key to understanding what elements of campaigns work/don’t work and why.

PPC platforms are highly flexible, which allows marketers to test every element of their campaigns. A/B tests of ads and landing pages can be conducted to understand what kind of messaging drives conversion. Testing of keyword bids and campaign structure helps marketing teams better understand what methods of targeting and level of aggressiveness needed to reach ad positions that drive successful performance outcomes.

Marketers successfully make their case for PPC when they narrow down for leadership what exactly did or didn’t work in a campaign. Be sure to carefully plan your tests with the goal of coming away with as many actionable insights as possible, along with recommendations for how to move forward based on the information collected and conclusions drawn.

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