Artificial intelligence, and what it means for the PPC industry, is buzzing around like crazy right now. As we see more and more automation tools come out, we are constantly wondering how it will change digital marketing. Have you thought about what AI could impact your…ad copy? With ad copy being controlled by automation, how will you be able to stand out? And how much control will you have with your ad messaging?

In this webinar, AdFury’s Christopher Hoover and Hanapin’s Lauren Rosner will discuss the hot topic of AI and what the future could look like when automation becomes more and more popular in our industry – the good, the bad, and the challenging.

You’ll learn:

  • The difference between AI vs deep learning vs. machine learning in our industry
  • How you can write better ad copy that makes your brand stand out even in the midst of automation
  • How to take advantage of natural language processing and pattern matching
  • How to adjust your competitive strategy while using AI for your ad copy