If you were on our webinar last week with NinjaCat, you may have noticed that after a fantastic presentation by Kristine Hyman and Paul Deraval, just as you were gearing up for the long-awaited Q&A, the audio decided to go out. Did you find yourself banging on your computer just a LITTLE to see if that would actually work? Yeah, us too. Technology sure keeps us on our toes, huh?

OR, was it all a plot so that Paul was giving you more time to go get the Rainbow Cookies you were craving during the entire webinar?

Anyway, never fear! We have the answers to your questions right here in this handy blog post. No tech issues are going to keep us from giving you the info you need.

Question 1: What is VTC?

Answer: When a users sees your display add and doesn’t click on it but then later visits your site directly, organically or by a referring site.

Question 2: Any advice for if you have 2 C-levels to present to: 1 who wants to be buried in the weeds and 1 who wants to stay completely high level out of the data?

Answer: I would make sure there are some details and then definitely takeaways. Be confident in the data and definitely try to steer higher level discussion but give enough detail to satisfy the detail oriented person.

Question 3: In regards to telling a story and reducing complexity – any advice on how to report on 4 or 5 important KPIs to them without throwing too much data and overwhelming them?

Answer: Asking what KPI’s are most important to them and build key takeaways based on what they want is in my opinion the way to go. The storyline or key takeaway is really important to be concise, not overwhelm yet get the info across effectively.

Did you miss the webinar, or are you wondering what Rainbow Cookies are and how they relate to PPC reporting? Check out “Grab Your CMO’s Attention: How to Effectively Explain Valuable PPC Insights” on demand! Just fill in the void at the end with this blog post.