Use Trust Symbols & Credibility Elements to Increase Conversions

At the recent PPC Summit in Los Angeles, Tim Ash gave a presentation on his methods for increasing landing page conversions.  Tim is the President and CEO of Site Tuners is a multivariate testing website optimizer that helps advertisers test different elements on their landing pages to increase conversions/leads. Tim has also written a very popular book called, Landing Page Optimization, which highlights the methods you should be testing on your landing page, how often to test, how to avoid common mistakes and much, much more.

During Tim’s presentation he gave case studies of companies he had worked with that made several small changes to their landing pages and saw 20- 40% increase in conversions.  One thing that Tim said that stood out in my head was to add trust symbols and credibility elements to your landing pages to decrease the risk that a customer may be feeling while visiting your site.

Trust symbols would include safe site logos and secure checkout logos. Credibility elements should include any awards the company has won, any news articles that company has been featured in, case studies, and company logos that you have or are currently working for.  Having these elements on your site will reduce the amount of risk a potential buyer may feel while doing their research and browsing your site.

If you have worked with many large or well known companies in your area or nationally, this will help influence potential customers to contact your business over another company who hasn’t worked with large or well known companies.

Also, Tim highly suggests that you should display your safe site secure checkout logos well before the checkout page.  If you only have the logos displayed during checkout, at that point someone is already interested in buying on your site. What Tim recommends to do is to put these trust symbols on your homepage or product pages to help people feel more comfortable about purchasing on your site while they’re still shopping and/or researching. I think this is an excellent point, and I’ve seen many people who only put secure checkout logos on their checkout page.

These are just two elements of your landing page that you should be testing and working with to increase conversions. To learn more great landing page conversion tips you can view the PPCHero landing page blog series or check out Tim Ash’s book on Landing Page Optimization. It’s a good one!

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