Video is Not Hard: Fearlessly Feed Your Funnel with YouTube Ads

What’s the first thing that pops into your mind when you think of YouTube ads? Does your heart rate shoot up a little? Palms sweaty, knees weak, …Mom’s spaghetti? Thinking to yourself, “Video is just too hard. I can’t do it”? We have 3 words for you: YES. YOU. CAN. Plus 3 more: AND. YOU. SHOULD.

YouTube ads can bring a host of concerns for marketers everywhere. We know it’s intimidating to think that you need a full production team, super fancy camera, and a million hours to edit that video perfectly in order to even get a chance of a conversion from your video ad. But good news, fellow advertisers: all you need is a person and a phone camera, and you can dominate YouTube ads. Seriously.

In this webinar panel, YouTube ads fanatics Mary Hartman (Hanapin), Ben Polk (Google), and Cory Henke (Variable Media) join together to show you not only that you SHOULD be doing YouTube ads, but they’ll personally coach you on best practices to help your video ads soar.


You’ll learn:

  • Techniques to master creative in order to inspire, engage, and educate your audience
  • The master skills you need to grab their attention in the first 6 seconds
  • How to identify what’s work and expand that using audience targeting, attribution, and tracking
  • AN EXCLUSIVE LOOK into the YouTube features comin’ atcha in the future





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