It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the volume of data and reports available to you, even within a single channel like your search ads. But analytics data is the most powerful weapon you have when optimizing your ad campaigns for maximum effectiveness. Without solid, predictive data, you could waste thousands of dollars learning things the hard way. But which data can reliably make a big difference in the performance of your campaigns, and how do you know which tactics to use?

In this webinar recording, Matt Umbro, Senior Account Manager at Hanapin Marketing, editor of PPC Hero, and creator of #PPCChat, discusses PPC analytics tactics that can make or break your performance.

In this webinar, Matt will present epic insights to help you:

  • Use goal and revenue data to better optimize your PPC campaigns
  • Better understand what happens after the ad click
  • Compare conversions and conversion rates across all channels of your campaigns to see a more complete picture of what works—and what doesn’t
  • Analyze key points along the purchase journey, like top landing and exit pages, for an immediate boost in ROI

The webinar recording is located HERE

And here is the slideshare presentation: