The Importance of PPC Landing Pages

By PPC Hero | @Hanapin

A landing page at its most basic is any web page that a person can visit or “land” on when navigating the Internet. These pages can be structured and organized in different ways for a variety of purposes. News sites have pages that are full of the latest news, arranged so that a visitor will engage with that content. Ecommerce sites are designed to showcase products and guide visitors toward a purchase.

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In the world of marketing and advertising, landing pages are typically tailored toward a specific purpose and designed to guide visitors toward your conversion goal. This often means the page is separate from the main site, leaves little to no options to navigate from the page, and uses color and language tailored to the goal of the page. These goals can range from gathering user information, guiding users toward a purchase, or informing users about a new product or future offer.

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Landing Page Types

Two types of pages assist in achieving marketing and advertising goals: click through pages and lead generation pages.

Click Through Pages

Click through pages are typical of ecommerce and persuade users to click to another page and make a purchase or sign up for an offer. These pages often inform a user in detail of a potential product or offering before they get to the point of purchase, creating a more informed user that is more likely to convert.

Lead Generation

Lead generation pages are designed to collect personal information (name and email address) so a business can connect and market to that person later. Often, lead generation pages have incentives like trial memberships or coupons for submitting information. Design elements are focused on being informative and persuasive while having a clear and concise form for a user to fill out.

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