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Why You Should Be Advertising With Adknowledge

This is part 1 of PPC Hero’s advertising expansion series, focusing on improving return on investment by advertising through multiple channels. Today we have a post written by one of our PPC Hero allies at Adknowledge, the 4th largest ad …

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Four Reasons to Trust a Farmer’s Daughter with Your PPC Account

This is the first post of a series called “why to trust a (insert stereotype) with your PPC account.” It’s the brainchild of Amy Hoffman, one of Hanapin’s Account Supervisors and our first profile! Let me first give you a …

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Expand Your PPC Advertising Networks To Improve Return On Investment

Here at PPC Hero, we are focused on generating leads and traffic for our clients while continuing to improve return on investment. A major part of our strategy includes Google AdWords, as I’m sure is the case for most advertisers, …

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We All Scream for Ice Cream!

WOW, that is a LOT of ice cream PPC Hero is carrying around there! Neapolitan is the way to go apparently! Happy National Ice Cream Day from all of us at PPC Hero!

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Using Top vs. Side Ad Segmentation To Make Bidding Decisions

As we reported yesterday, Google announced on Wednesday that you can now choose “Top vs. Side” as a reporting segmentation option within AdWords. Sure, that seems like interesting info, but why should I care? Not like I can tell Google …

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What We Wished We Had Known About PPC

Here at Hanapin, we love working with pay per click.  We hound after the latest and greatest PPC news, integrate ourselves with advanced tools, and share our expertise through guides, series, and (coming soon!) our very own Hero Conf. But …

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New in AdWords: Top vs. Side Ad Performance Segmentation

Yesterday, Felicia wrote about a game-changing announcement from Google about the reintroduction of keywords in Display Network campaigns. And today brings another curveball from Google: “Top vs. side” report segmentation. Like Roy Halladay, this curveball sounds like it has the …

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Share Your Opinion On Quality Score And Win A Foodzie Tasting Box!

There’s nothing PPC Hero loves more than Quality Score and free food. That’s why we’ve decided to combine the two with our new AdWords Quality Score Factors survey. PPC Hero conducted a similar survey back in 2007, the same year …

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PPC Pitfalls For Beginners, Part II

This is the second of a 2-part blog post highlighting some common pitfalls you want to avoid when getting started with paid search. The first installment took a look at loose account structure, aggressive keyword bidding and poor ad copy. …

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Keywords Make Their Display Network Comeback!

Some of the greatest game changers have been because of a bad call or a change in the rules. Fortunately for us PPC Managers, Google gave us a game changer yesterday! Read on to see how this affects your Display Network settings and if you want a good baseball reference!

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