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Show Off Your Reviews in AdWords with a New Extension

By , Account Manager at Hanapin Marketing

Two weeks in a row I've brought you a post about ad extensions! Last week the latest AdWords buzz regarded the new sitelink descriptions. This week Google released the beta for a new extension. More Extensions You Say? Google revealed an ad extension that displays reviews. Google’s announcement called it the “don’t take our word for it” extension. Advertisers can…
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Boost Your AdWords CTR with Sitelink Descriptions

By , Account Manager at Hanapin Marketing

Sitelinks have been a staple of best practices since they were introduced. Sitelinks help searchers find topical information beyond the specified landing page of your ad. Last February, enhanced campaigns brought a little spice to sitelinks by including descriptions. Additional lines of text were added from your other ad copy to flesh out the sitelinks. These provided extra detail to…
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The Top 25 Most Influential PPC Experts in 2013

By , Director of Inbound Marketing at Hanapin Marketing

It's that time again, PPC land! After much deliberation (and vote counting!), we have arrived at this year's list of Most Influential PPC Experts. We don't want to delay the results, so scroll past the infographic for more information about how we arrived at the final list. One important disclaimer: To avoid a conflict of interest, no PPC experts from…
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Google’s Auction Insights Just Got Even More Awesome

By ,

Auction insights, Google’s tool for comparing your performance with other advertisers, is amazing.  We’ve written about it in these parts before and we’ve even spoken about it at Hero Conf (as part of the Sizing Up the Competition panel). They’re powerful, and it’s sort of crazy that Google is even willing to share that information with all of us.  It…
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Benchmark Your Display Campaigns with Google’s New Tool

By , Senior Account Manager at Hanapin Marketing

Determining the overall success of a Display campaign can be difficult. While we can tell whether or not it's been a success for us in the limited context of our own accounts, we're often left stumbling in the dark when it comes to our performance versus the competition. Luckily, Google has provided us with a new tool to examine just how…
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