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Infographic: How Google Makes Money From Mobile

By , Director of Inbound Marketing at Hanapin Marketing

Our friends at Wordstream have created a new infographic displaying some really awesome (and easy to read) information about the different inroads Google has created into the mobile device world, either directly or indirectly related to PPC. We thought it was interesting and figured you might too. Enjoy! (Click to enlarge)

2 Useful Ways To Improve Your Campaigns With New Analytics Change History

By , Senior Account Manager at Hanapin Marketing

When big changes, like Google's Enhanced Campaigns, hit the news stream, people can’t stop talking about it. But what about all of those changes that occurred amidst the confusion and excitement that no one ever noticed? In 2012, Pope Benedict XVI tweeted for the first time ever and only hours later the world's attention was pulled away by new Taylor Swift…

AdWords Editor 10.0.1 Is Here and it Supports Enhanced Campaigns

By , Associate Director of Paid Search at Hanapin Marketing

If you've been following any of the discussions we've been having on PPC Hero or our webinars concerning Google's new Enhanced Campaigns, you might have heard me saying that I was waiting for the new version of AdWords Editor before I even attempt to 'enhance' most of my campaigns.   Well ladies and gentlemen, that day has arrived! AdWords Editor…

Enhanced Campaign Answers: Webinar Recording

By , Director of Inbound Marketing at Hanapin Marketing

We approached this webinar with the idea that Google’s Enhanced Campaigns update to AdWords had a lot of people asking questions, and it didn’t take long for that little hypothesis to prove correct! Watch the recording below to see Jeff Allen & Sam Owen of Hanapin Marketing, Larry Kim of Wordstream and Elizabeth Marsten of Portent answer common questions, including…

Search Funnels Have Arrived in the AdWords Interface. Use Them.

By ,

Lost amid last week’s reactions to Google’s new Enhanced Campaigns was a pretty nifty enhancement to the Google interface.  Search funnel information is now available for inclusion in the AdWords reporting, right alongside the rest of your data.  As long as you have conversion tracking active in your account, you can add in these columns to get even more insight…

Google Says “Do Mobile or the Kitten Gets It”

By , Account Manager at Bing Ads

There is so much going on in the world of PPC lately that we're spending an entire week introducing the changes and letting you know how to make the most of them.  It goes beyond Google's new "Enhanced Campaigns" feature to Facebook and Analytics. Over the next week, PPC Hero is going to take a look at each of these…

Yahoo! to Start Partnering with Google on Contextual Targeting

By ,

Man, it's been a crazy week in PPC.  And it keeps getting crazier. Yesterday Yahoo! announced that they're adding Google as an ad partner for contextually targeted ads on the display network.  They say that they agreement is "global" and "non-exclusive" and that it includes placements on "various Yahoo! properties" along with "certain co-branded sites." According to the Wall Street…

AdWords Gets Another Face Lift: SQR Keyword Columns and Bulk Editing

By , Account Manager at Bing Ads

The holidays are often the busiest times of the year for those of us in PPC.  Especially those poor, opportunistic, overworked souls with ecommerce accounts.  So while you were out maximizing your ROAS, crushing your profit goals, pivoting tables, and gingerly sipping some eggnog, you might have missed a few features introduced in the AdWords interface that just might make…

Google Is Adding Buttons To Your Display Network Text Ads.

By , Senior Account Manager at Hanapin Marketing

Google announced a change coming to text ads on the Google Display Network, rolling out this week.  There will now be a clickable arrow button, as well as slight optimizations to font size, spacing and text layout. Seen here: Apparently the color of the buttons will be in the same pallette color you've chosen for your ad units. The article…