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Google May be Changing Your Ad Rotation For You

Google announced they’re going into all accounts that are using Conversion Optimizer or Enhanced CPC with the “optimize for clicks” ad rotation setting and changing that over to “optimize for conversions”. They’ve stated that they’ve seen an average 5% increase …

Google AdWords Help Gets a Makeover

Much like Anne Hathaway here–the Google AdWords Help Center just got a fancy new makeover. If you’ve ever had trouble finding the right answers, finding a way to contact Google, or really wanted to be shown how to do something–it’s …

Faster, More Accurate Bid Changes

For a few months you have been able to see what Google estimates your bid needs to be to show on the top of the page. Now they’ve made acting on that information easier. This post explains how to use …

Exact Match Negative Keywords Live in adCenter

Microsoft Advertising adCenter has been very busy lately with updates to the UI, Desktop editor and the Import Campaign beta, but it doesn’t look like they’re quite done. Late yesterday afternoon, adCenter released a post on their blog informing readers that their negative keyword management had received a face-lift in the most recent version 8.1.111 of the Desktop editor, UI and API. So exactly (wait for it…) which changes were made and how do they affect your management? Let’s take a look!

Make the Most of Google’s New “Think Insights”

Google announced that they have moved Think Insights out of beta last week. At first glance, I didn’t think much of it. Butafter spending about 20 hours in it reading over research reports and searching for my name in the …

Will Google Update Impact Paid Search?

Will the update to the Google search algorithms affect paid search? The short answer, probably. But let’s dive in and set what the changes are and what I predict will happen.

It’s Official: New Ad Placements on Google

Paid search ads at the bottom of Google search results have been seen for several months. Today, Google announced that these new ad placements have been rolled out across their network. When to utilize these new placements will be determined dynamically. So, searchers will not always see ads at the bottom of their results. (At least not yet.)

MSN adCenter Introduces Import Campaigns Feature

So, you’re managing a PPC account that’s running on AdWords and adCenter. That’s pretty common practice. Do you have issues syncing the two? Do you constantly have to download things from AdWords to upload into adCenter? Well, adCenter has just …

Location Targeting in Google Adwords Gets Revamped

According to Google, location targeting (also called geo-targeting) has lowered paid search cost-per-click (CPC) by as much as 36%. This drastic increase in performance must be why Google has announced that they are revamping how their Locations setting works within in the Adwords interface.

Google Introduces “Bid-Per-Call” In AdWords

If your client has a call center that can deal with the lead volume your PPC campaign creates, it’s probably no surprise to you that you should be taking advantage of that with Call Extensions. If you’re not, here’s an …