Technology is getting advanced day by day, hence making it necessary for brands to function according to the new trends. By understanding these new PPC trends, brands and marketers can stay ahead of the competition and provide better ROI. Otherwise, businesses will fall behind those who invested the time and resources to keep up with the latest trends.

Brands and marketers who develop the latest trends into their present marketing strategy will reach their audience easier and build relationships that nurture leads through the sales process more efficiently. Without further delay, let’s jump into the 12 important PPC trends to watch in 2021.

NOTE: As per the statistics, about 50% of people land on the brands directly from the paid ads links. 

1- Responsive Search Ads (RSAs)

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Responsive search ad is one of Google’s most flexible search ad formats. It lets the marketer create an ad that shows more texts and more relevant messages to the customer. While creating RSAs, you can use up to 15 unique headlines and four descriptions. Google then runs a test and chooses the best combination of headlines and descriptions that will reach your target audience. 

With RSAs, you can create ads for different screen resolutions, save time and money in testing which works the best for you, reach more potential customers, and attract more clicks and conversions. Using RSAs has numerous benefits and this is the reason why marketers are flocking towards it. This makes it one of the trendiest factors in PPC marketing this year.  

2- PPC Automation

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Automation is considered one of the biggest trends among many. The use of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) tools has automated the workload associated with search engines ads.

The proof proposes that automation will be utilized to streamline PPC campaigns and will be promptly received by PPC specialists to:

  • Ascertain the best bidding strategy for various objectives.
  • Set bids to get whatever the number of transformations could reasonably be expected at a set objective CPA.
  • Upgrade CPC by searching for ad bids that are bound to produce conversions.
  • Stop low-performing ads and focus on the ones creating the best outcomes.
  • Distinguish execution issues inside the data.
  • Progressively produce promotions dependent on client behavior and site content.
  • Produce ad execution reports consequently.

3- Diversification Will Become More Important

In 2021, you should expand your range of abilities and go beyond Google promotion. With greater variety, you’re setting out for success. It permits you to oversee your reach, spending, and message.

Diversification is vital if you need to get a winning PPC technique. It gives you agility, permitting you to put yourself in an extraordinary position. You can profit from additional scaling openings while rearranging your financial plan as your necessities change.

To pursue these trends, test different platforms. A portion of these incorporate YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.

4- Harness The Power Of First-Party Data

The way in which advertisers source information will experience disruptions this year. The essential cause is the progressions in worldwide strategies for the protection of data privacy. It means limitations to third-party cookies data for any internet browser.

You can still have access to valuable information even in this scene. It just means creating fresh solutions that will not depend on cookies.

However, having first-party data implies getting higher precision. You can segment them with more customization choices. 

5- New Instagram Opportunities

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Watch out for Instagram since it’s one of the hottest paid social media platforms in 2021. Most marketers agree that it will not take some time before the platform offers more ad campaigns. They’ll utilize IGTV and Reels since they’re acquiring organic traffic.

Ad formats like Stories surpassed most publicists’ assumptions. With the dispatch of Reels, Instagram desires to follow TikTok’s promotion designs. 

6- Goodbye Data

The jumbling of information will, sadly, be a demanding trend in 2021.

Between Google Ads restricting access to search data to the unwanted tracking cookies, marketers must adjust in a significant way again.

So, how can PPC advertisers deal with succeeding in this environment?

Imperfect or incomplete information is nobody’s top pick, yet savvy advertisers should utilize fragmented data to see the signal from the noise. Rather than focusing on the loss, marketers need to focus on what they have now and make the best out of it.

7- Big Picture Strategy Will Become More Valuable

The PPC industry can change quickly. Realizing the right planning requires a significant range of abilities. Have an inventive outlook while keeping up with your capacity to see the big picture.

Gather your PPC strategies utilizing a common theme. Guarantee that every ad and offer will speak to your particular audience group.

Your market is simpler to target when considering their practices and preferences. Never depend on the noticed difference in your accumulated data.  Always adjust your choices to your objective.

8- More Targeted Ad Message

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The viability of your ad message affects your PPC strategy to a great extent. In 2021, marketers are giving this a higher priority than any other factor to compose a great ad targeted to the specific target audience. To accomplish this, you must understand your audience as people rather than data.

You may get perfect traffic at the perfect time. But, if you don’t have the right sales copy, you’ll miss out on the chance to hit your target audience. Creativity can bring your audience closer to your brand and increase engagement.  Hence, creating a targeted ad message is another topic trending in the PPC world this year. 

9- Ads Data Hub

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With Google’s announcement in 2020 to stop allowing third-party pixels to track the YouTube campaigns, Ads Data Hub is getting top on the list of PPC trends in 2021.  Google took to the decision keeping security concerns in mind and came up with the alternative to help YouTube marketers to monitor their campaigns.

With Google’s Ads Data Hub, you can tailor your marketing measurement approach to your unique business needs. Ads Data Hub will help marketers to understand the effectiveness of their ads across screens, including mobile devices, by providing comprehensive reporting and measurements, which was a limitation in the case of pixel technology.  

10 – Great Mobile Experience

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In a new market overview, economic researchers tracked down that over 27.6% i.e $2.4 billion of individuals shop online through their cell phones. At the same time, they admitted that they bounce back from the site if it requires over 3 seconds to load. Hence, to make your PPC promotion more effective and productive, you should create your site so well that your audience can get to it on any device, particularly on mobile phones.

11- Voice Search For PPC Campaigns

Here are some stats that might surprise you: 

  • At least 50% of consumers will be using voice shopping by 2022
  • Voice Commerce sales will reach $40 billion by 2022
  • Voice-based ad revenues are expected to reach $19 billion by 2022

Running through these figures, you might now be convinced why you should look towards Voice-based search campaigns if you haven’t already. When you plan your PPC campaign voice-search oriented, remember three things in general:

  • It should be mobile friendly as most of the voice search comes from mobile devices.
  • It should be more natural and in a conversational style (long-tail keywords).
  • It should be question-oriented and most people ask questions while using voice search.  

12- Video Ads And PPC

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To give you a base measurement, by 2022, the number of videos uploaded on the web each second would cross the 1 million mark. Thus, the ideal opportunity to begin is right now.

With the expanding expenses of keywords, your ROI for PPC can be confronting a descending slope. Video Adwords are a lot less expensive yet face lesser competition. Also, a considerably more exact segment can be focused on with video ads set up.

Video Ads can be pay-per-view or PPC depend upon the length and placement.


As a marketer, you need to incorporate these “12 important PPC trends to watch in 2021” in your marketing strategy in order to make the most out of it. In 2021, AI and automation are at the forefront. Marketers are more focused on the buyer’s journey. You can apply these trends and see the changes in your marketing campaigns.