From two-man shops to teams well in the hundreds, agencies offer a wide spectrum of solutions that can be difficult to navigate. As you open up the door to research potential partners to assist with your PPC (or maybe you’ve already selected one), consider how each agency may be able to tailor their offerings to fit.

Short-Term Full Management

This engagement option is probably the most traditional, in that you get full-time PPC management and you keep term flexibility. Entry-level contracts could have month-to- month or quarterly terms, allowing you to gain agency access and management but keep that management nimble if you need to make a change later.

 InnerAd_AgencyLibrary200x200_12SolutionsLong-Term Full Management

Typically speaking, clients are hesitant to jump in to long-term management agreements right out of the gates. This is understandable and it’s exactly why most agencies offer those shorter-term agreements we discussed above. That said, if you roster on with an agency for a full year (assuming, of course, that they have gained your full buy-in of their capabilities through that time) you’re giving them the opportunity to start planning strategies now for much further down the road. In other words, everyone is thinking long-term and how to strengthen the partnership beyond the next few months.

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Comprehensive Audit

Audits can be incredibly useful solutions for those brands that have a few in-house team members who need a fresh set of eyes to hop in their account and send them off with some new ideas. There may be situations where this audit is also utilized to seek out a solution to a particular problem, not necessarily a full overview of opportunity in the account.

One-Time Retainer

The term ‘retainer’ is fairly well-known and understood, in that it means you are engaging an outside party to assist with a task or set of tasks that you cannot complete yourself. Utilizing an agency for a PPC retainer is the same thing. Generally speaking, retainer work is not intended to be management for a capped number of hours per month, but rather the agency being pointed in the direction of specific tasks or areas that need assistance by the account owner. A one-time option also allows you to get familiar with the work style of, not only the agency, but also a retainer’s scope of work.