Facebook advertising is soaring with over 2 million active advertisers. And for good reason too. People are spending a lot of time on Facebook. Among adult Facebook users, average time spent per day on the network is 40 minutes. Plus, the number of active users continues to grow now topping 1.49 billion worldwide. So how do you stay in front of this users?

One way is to create Facebook’s Custom Audiences from your current website traffic and email lists. Facebook allows to build audiences from your website traffic, customer’s emails, phone numbers/Facebook user IDs and mobile app users. Advertisers can now target specific audiences to serve more relevant ads and increase ROI.

Benefits of Facebook Custom Audiences

  1. Build your fan base
  2. Drive relevant website traffic
  3. Sell products
  4. Grow your email list
  5. Re-engage your audience

To help you get the most out of your Custom Audiences, Hanapin assembled a comprehensive list of over 100 of our favorite Facebook Custom Audiences.

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Download Hanapin’s 119 Favorite Facebook Custom Audiences!

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