We’re bringing our new video series, Hero Academy, live for a special event. Showcasing three new sessions, you’ll learn a scientific process on how to improve your ad copy with Microsoft’s Purna Virji, a breakdown of ad extensions on Google and how you should be using them with Hanapin’s Elliot Kemp, and an overview on what frequency capping is and how to use to your advantage with Hanapin’s Ryan Opal. Freshening up your ads and taking advantage of every extension and feature available can give your paid media campaigns incremental gains that result in a big impact for your company’s bottom line.

This short, 30 minute event features these 3 sessions:

  • How to Turn Ad Copy Brainstorming Into a Science with Purna Virgi
  • A Breakdown of Ad Extensions for Google Ads with Elliot Kemp
  • Frequency Capping Overview: Google Ads, Facebook, Amazon, Programmatic, Display and Video 360 with Ryan Opal