The problem many marketing managers experience when making the case for paid search is proving sufficient value and potential return for a business. Pay-per-click advertising is very technical and, therefore, easy to become lost “in the weeds” at the expense of educating leadership on its strategic benefits.

Here is one strategic benefit that PPC provides to an organization.

Competitive Insights

Leadership teams are acutely concerned about their organization’s chief competitors. Pay-per-click advertising provides specific insights regarding your competitors and how they are behaving in the market.

Google has a feature in their interface called ‘Auction Insights’. This feature provides competitive information on the campaign, ad group, and keyword level. The Auction Insights report will show how well an account performs against its competition when they both appear in the same ad auction. Auction Insights provides information such as how much market share competitors are receiving, how often competitive ads appear above your ads, and how often they appear on top of the first page.

Analyzing Auction Insights by varying date ranges shows how the competitive landscape changes over time. Comparing data over time answers important questions like “What new competitors entered the market”? “What competitors pulled out of the market”? You’ll also learn how aggressive competitors are in trying to push rivals down the page into less attractive ad positions.

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