Most digital advertisers already know that the holidays aren’t just a time for shopping — they’re an even more crucial time for selling. But what many don’t know is how to take advantage of that unique seasonal shift. You know the basics: People are buying more, so you should sell more. You’re making more, so you should spend more. But where? When? And what exactly does a good plan look like?

There are ways to get the most out of your strategy without simply spending more on everything (or worse, hoping that what you normally do just results in more and better sales). This whitepaper is an extensive guide to holiday planning for digital ads, and we designed it specifically to show you how to take your PPC strategy to the next level — for the holiday season and beyond.

This whitepaper covers things like:

  • How to plan for an influx in sales so you can optimize rather than play catch up
  • Figuring out where and when to place bets for your industry
  • Being strategic with ad types instead of increasing all spending
  • Using ad extensions and unique seasonal shifts to your advantage

Boost sales and stay ahead of the game,
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