In the newest webinar of our Flash Series, Hanapin Marketing experts, Matt Umbro and Samantha Kerr, go through a number of ad extensions that will enhance your yours ad’s real estate and increase your click-through-rate. They will point out the quick basics of where each extension is located and then go more into detail on why you should use them and how you can use them to create a more personal experience for your audience. The ad extensions that will be covered include both manual and automated extensions.

The 20 minute webinar will be Thursday, August 27th at Noon EST.

You’ll get expert-level PPC tips like:

  • Basic and advanced tips for both manual and automated extensions
  • Targeting ads to people located around your business locations
  • How to dynamically show additional details about your site

Presented by

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Matt Umbro                              Samantha Kerr


PS: Can’t make the webinar? Register anyways and we’ll send you the slides and recording afterwards!