[New Webinar!] Seven Secrets To Beating Competitors on Google and Bing

By Jamie Newton | @jnewton09 | Senior Communications Manager at Hanapin Marketing

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ifbyphone_ESAmarketingprofs-logoLet’s face it, paid search is a war. The competition on Google and Bing is fierce, and search marketers are looking for any advantage to drive more quality conversions for less. But while everyone tracks clicks and online conversions to optimize campaigns and bidding, many ignore the single best way to beat competitors: tracking phone calls.

When you don’t track calls from search you end up with inaccurate PPC conversion data, poorer performing ad campaigns, budget wasted on the wrong search terms, and no insight into where your leads are coming from.

Join Hanapin and Ifbyphone experts with moderation by Marketing Profs on Tuesday,  June 17 for this free seminar and learn why tracking calls is critical to your search marketing success.

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This webinar is Tuesday, June 17 at 1pm EST.

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