Get the top 11 tips for travel industry marketers to dominate the search results page and get INSANE ROI.

Twenty years ago if you wanted to book a trip you would drive over to your local travel agency. How times have changed! Today people start their journey on the internet, and if you want to book with them you have to be in front of them when they start searching!

Join experts from Wordstream and Hanapin Marketing for this new live webinar on April 2nd at 1pm EST and learn how to send your travel business to the top of the search results page with pay-per-click (PPC) advertising – capturing more leads and converting more customers. You’ll walk away with our top 11 tips to manage PPC campaigns in minutes each week and get an absolutely insane ROI.

You’ll get expert level tips:

  • How to choose the right keywords
  • Search strategies for Google AdWords AND Bing Ads
  • Targeting tricks to increase sales and make the most of your ad budget
  • Tips to create compelling landing pages that actually convert

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