Marketing managers are under daily pressure to grow their online search presence. Pay-per-click advertising allows rapid entry to the search marketplace and provides the ability to reach thousands of potential customers per day. The problem many marketing managers experience when making the case for paid search is proving sufficient value and potential return for a business.

Pay-per-click advertising is very technical and therefore easy to become lost “in the weeds” at the expense of educating leadership on its strategic benefits.

This whitepaper explores some of the strategic benefits PPC provides and teaches you how you can build upon your pay-per-click advertising program to prove its value to your leadership team.

In this Whitepaper we’ll discuss:

  • Selling leadership on the notion that PPC is a critical revenue and profit driver
  • Demonstrating how PPC complements and positively affects others areas of your marketing programs
  • How to find specific insights on competitors and monitor how they are behaving in the market
  • Narrowing down what exactly did or didn’t work in a campaign
  • How PPC is a quantifiable way to measure brand strength and awareness

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