The days of consulting your local travel agent to research, arrange, and plan your trips are all but gone. The web has given more power and opportunity to users, putting a wealth of resources for travel planning directly at your fingertips. Virtual tours, pictures, videos, testimonials, itineraries, schedules, etc. are all available online, and travel related businesses and advertisers must either take advantage of this or become irrelevant to a new wave of travel consumers.

Digital is a key component of both the inspiration and research stages of customers’ travel planning process. 65% of leisure travels and 69% of business travelers say they turn to the web to decide how or where they want to travel. To capitalize on these extremely important behaviors, this whitepaper contains 10 tips to assist in your PPC strategy development for your travel and tourism online marketing efforts.

In this Whitepaper we’ll discuss:

  • Creating separate campaigns for each destination
  • Implementing ad scheduling
  • Display campaign optimizations
  • The importanice of remarketing for the travel sector

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