Some PPC accounts don’t require agency management, but rather consultation from time to time. One-time and ongoing consultation services may be the right option for your PPC account.

One-Time Consultation

Let’s say you’re managing a smaller account or you have one particular issue you need looked in to by someone other than yourself – an hourly consultation option could be the perfect fit. Depending on the situation, this could be a small block of a few hours or one hour only. Either way, you’re looking at a phone call or maybe a screenshare where an Account Manager digs in to your account or the specific area of interest in a live consult environment.

 InnerAd_AgencyLibrary200x200_12SolutionsOngoing Consultation

Keeping the consultation rules of engagement from above in mind, there may be opportunities to gain those small buckets of insight on a more frequent basis. Not only could your agency more than likely provide some discounted pricing for an ongoing consultation, the account will continue to get outsider insight, hopefully providing ideas that the day-to-day manager hadn’t considered.

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