The longer you are in the PPC industry, the more complex problems you encounter. The challenge (and fun) comes from finding unique solutions to these problems. Fortunately, for Hanapin dynamic duo Lauren Rosner and Rachael Law, creative solutions are their passion. That’s why they’re sitting down to address their favorite digital marketing problems they’ve had to face, and how you can take their solutions and adapt them to suit your accounts.

Sit with us on the first installment of a high-energy, conversational webinar series that will highlight real PPC situations from real marketing experts. In this episode, Lauren and Rachael discuss their favorite PPC problems tackled over the years and share their secret sauce with you.

Here are a few things they’ll be talking about:

–       Tackling competitor analysis by device

–       The struggle of customized bidding

–       How to build campaigns from scratch…and make them successful

–       How to stay sexy and not be bad at PPC