Submit Your Landing Page For A New Contest: The Landing Page Games!

By Jamie Newton | @jnewton09 | Senior Communications Manager at Hanapin Marketing

Is your landing page visually, very appealing?  Does your page have clean and simple technical elements that get your users to convert? Do you think it has a sweet blend of science (technical) and magic (design) elements?

Prove it.
Submit your landing page for The Landing Page Games: Science vs Magic

PPC Hero is introducing a new bracket contest for landing pages! Select participants will be pitted against each other (as in March Madness bracket style), in two different brackets, the science bracket and the magic bracket, aka the technical versus design. Which do you think is more important for a landing page??

Sixteen landing pages will be chosen for the first round, which is a reader vote. YOU get to decide who should advance to the final rounds for the live webinar.

The final eight landing pages will go on to the live webinar and be judged down to the last two finalists, where the audience gets to help choose the winner.

Final winner gets a FREE registration to
Hero Conf Conversion Summit on October 14, 2014!

Do you think your landing page has what it takes? Submit your page today by plugging in your URL and filling out the registration form!

Submissions end on Monday, September 1st at Midnight. Voting will commence next week.

The live webinar is Thursday, September 11th with judges, Sam Owen from Hanapin Marketing and Tommy Walker from Conversion XL.

Submit Your Landing Page Now!

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