Are you covering your various bases with coupon, deal, promo language? Which works best for you? Because users respond to holiday promotional items in various ways, it is critical that your ad copy not only reflect these deals, but also test them.

Test copy with numerical values such as “Save 20%” versus “20% Off.” “2 for 1 Deal” versus “Buy 1 Get 1.” Or “$29.99 & Up” versus “Starting at $29.99.” While deals, sales, or coupons might be fairly specific, it is necessary that you identify the best performer for your demographic.

Mobile Ads

Because mobile devices offer a very different viewing experience, any top performers should receive some mobile bid attention. Obviously any branded traffic should be front and center, but any heavy lifters of the account should be as well.

Mobile users are possible purchasers, but they may also be looking up something on the fly (such as hearing about some new shoe they might purchase). These shoppers, who are mid-cycle and not ready to purchase, may perform best from a landing page that allows for easy navigation through your mobile inventory. For these users, test category pages that offer such broad groups as “Men’s Selection” or “New Arrivals” or “Sale Items.”

Ad Extensions

During the holiday season, ad extensions play a part in your ad rank which makes them that much more imperative! Not only should you be utilizing ad extensions, such as location and sitelinks, during the year, you should be prepared to optimize as we approach the holiday season.

Existing Sitelinks

While your existing links certainly apply into the holidays, you are now appealing to a completely different mindset. Your shoppers might have questions that are much more specific or urgent than in the preceding months. Because of this, implementing sitelinks that take users to the pages where the answers already exist is your best bet. Examples of these pages might be “Latest Trends” (your new arrival page) or “Find The Store Closest To You.”

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New Sitelink Opportunities

As mentioned, your shoppers also may be seeking more specific answers about their purchases. They want to know exactly when and if they can get their purchase with free shipping. For this reason, it may be advantageous to create pages that focus strictly on “Free Shipping Deals.” Perhaps someone is interested in what item would be a good gift for a man in his or her life. The sitelink “Men’s Favorites” serves as a direct link to these options.

Callout Extensions

Callout extensions are similar to sitelinks but text only. These offer up to four more 25-character description lines. These extensions are practically free ad copy and free messaging. If you can’t fit everything into the main ad body, consider moving it to the callout extensions. Great options are either using the extensions to highlight generic offers or offer specific details on a specific service or product.