Utilize PPC To Fill Other Marketing Funnels

By Kayla Kurtz | @one800kayla | Senior Digital Advisor at Hanapin Marketing

Paid search provides a great opportunity to fill other marketing funnels with leads and/or cross selling opportunities. Our favorite illustration of this scenario is when those leads generated from PPC turn in to large margin revenue, then that customer goes in to an email marketing campaign that targets them for smaller revenue items or product servicing after a certain amount of time has passed. This isn’t even considering the impact remarketing has had on the brand.


Now this isn’t retooling the marketing wheel by any means; email marketing to your client base is pretty obvious actually. The key is in remembering how much PPC can help you cut down the learning curve to start the process and then how quickly it can close that loop for you with new markets.


Read more in the full white paper: The Impact of PPC On Your Business

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