Update: Voting for this year’s contest has now concluded. Watch this blog later this week for the final list of 25!

After last year’s Top 25 Most Influential PPC Experts announcement, the most common feedback we heard was that our readers didn’t get a chance to help craft the list.

Message received!

This year, we opened the nomination process to suggestion from you, our lovely readership, and now that we have a final list of nominees, it’s time for you to vote for your favorite. Simply fill out the form below with your top three choices for most influential, and the final tally will be used to help calculate the eventual list of 25.

Note: The final list won’t rely only on the votes collected here. For a full breakdown of the elements used to define “influential,” scroll past the form below.

Happy voting!

 Voting for this event has concluded.

Thank you to everyone who participated!
Watch PPC Hero for an announcement of the final list later this week!

all the folks here at Hanapin Marketing.

Just as a reminder, we’ve tweaked our ranking formula to encompass a wider range of information than last year, such as:

  • Social Media influence (Twitter, Facebook, etc)
  • Publishing volume and regularity (blogs, articles, books, etc)
  • Google page ranking and prominence
  • And, most importantly, the votes of you dear readers!

Stay tuned for the final list.