[Webinar Recording] BFFs: 10 Ways Agencies & In-House Teams Can Work Together

By Jamie Newton | @jnewton09 | Senior Communications Manager at Hanapin Marketing

Working with an agency can bring valuable resources (and time!) to the table, but it can be really hard to take that first step towards that sort of relationship. Our experts use their own unique perspectives to not only talk about the situations in which you could utilize an agency, but also how to maintain a healthy relationship once you’re working together. You’re sure to walk away with plenty of tips and on the path to becoming BFFs (best friends forever!) with your agency.

In the recording, experts from Cabelas (in-house) and Hanapin Marketing (agency) discuss different ways on how agencies and in-house ppc teams can (and should!) work together.

You’ll get expert-level tips like:

  • When and why you would want to utilize an agency to work with your in-house team
  • Tips on maintaining a healthy relationship once you’re working with an agency
  • How a relationship between an in-house team and agency should work

Here is the webinar recording:

And here is the slide presentation:

BFFs: 10 Ways Agencies & In-House Teams Can Work Together from Hanapin Marketing

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