In the past, I’ve been able to theme these WTQ posts pretty well – we’ve had a Wayne’s World tribute, a President George W. Bush tribute, and most recently a shout out to Justin Bieber. But this month, as the amazing queries rolled in from my co-workers, there wasn’t a specific theme to be found; all I can do is ask “What the Query you guys? I mean really….What the query?!”

10.) horse transformation stories

9.) cow transformation stories

8.) super bathroom fans

7.) crawl o sphere

6.) air birth

5.) brides garter with snowmobile

4.) failing nursing school now what

3.) adoption prank papers

2.) can nn16 year old nn20 year old get married south Carolina

……and……drum roll please……

1.) 60th birthday panties

While the queries my co-workers and I find make for a good time in writing these posts, my favorite part is hearing the hilarious search queries you all have come across! Feel free to leave them in the comments section below!