When working with a PPC agency, it’s not always easy to determine if the business relationship is moving in a positive direction. Especially with an agency relationship, transparency and good communication are vital. Therefore, when working with an agency, there are certain items you should keep an eye on which may elicit “red flags.” We’ll go into a few instances right now.

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Lack Of Transparency And Communication

An agency should be transparent with you at all times. If your agency isn’t on the ball with communication and transparency, then it’s probable that they’re hiding something from you. This is a clear red-flag that they don’t know what they’re doing. Companies don’t stay silent on positive results and they shouldn’t on negative results either. When things go south, the best companies will own up to it, tell you ahead of time, and remain proactive until you’re hitting your goals and beyond. Your success is their success. If you feel like you are being left in the dark and the agency won’t work it out with you, it’s best to walk away. Transparency equals trust and if you don’t have it, chances are, you’ll never have a great relationship with your agency. You should always expect 100% transparency. Period.

They Don’t Give Administrative Account Access, Or Access Period

If your agency won’t let you access your own accounts, it is very likely that there is something they are hiding from you or don’t want you to see. As the client, you should be the copilot, not be locked out of your accounts.

They Are Focused On Specific Metrics, Rather Than Account Performance As A Whole

It is too easy for an agency to hide behind metrics. They could be blinding you with pretty numbers and percentages, when the account as a whole is failing miserably and costing you thousands more than it should be. If your agency is only giving you a piece of the pie, ask for the whole thing!

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