Every day, we sit as specialists and sift through troves of data and contemplating scenarios of how we can move the needle in our clients’ accounts. Our job is to deliver the best service possible, and provide as much value from our services. But what do you do, when you have optimized your accounts to the point where there is not much you can do, or they have reached their limits?

I encountered this at around this time last year, we had one client who relied on PPC for significant portion of their leads. We were at a point of delivering around 250 leads per month consistently.

However, over the years, their market had become saturated, competition was becoming increasingly difficult to deal with, while maintaining scale and goal CPA. We discussed what was going on in the account and where we may be able to make minimum gains with maximum effort. We ultimately decided on a small test by introducing Facebook ads early last December. The reason being, the ability to target tight focused people outside of an intentful environment like search. It was worth a small test. The results were significant:

Facebook leads and costs

We delivered almost as many leads from Facebook as search at a fraction of the cost. While now, this may not be surprising, we remembered that there is a world beyond Search. People do not spend their lives searching for things they are interested, many times, they do not realize that they are in need of what we are offering.

Empowered by this data, our client allowed us to invest more into Facebook and over time, as we collected data, optimized audiences, and allowed Facebook advertising to do its thing, we made significant gains in total. Over time, we saw reductions in budget due to seasonality which limited our reach across different channels, however, mid-summer, we began to add in programmatic strategies at both top and bottom of the funnel. We again saw significant gains from this addition.

Monthly paid ad conversions

The impact of total conversion volume is pretty significant. We went from maxing at 250 conversions per month to a consistent 750+ per month. Search is a powerful channel, and highly intentful, but it will increasingly need support from other areas to a.) increase brand recognition and b.) provide a different medium for people to interact with your brand to avoid ad fatigue and increased annoyance.

While this strategy will not work for every company and every industry, expansion is something that definitely should be on your roadmap as you look for ways to increase your conversion volume.

Have you expanded into other digital channels recently? Has it worked or did it fail in a blaze of glory? Let us know.