Obviously, there are several ways to build and manage your digital advertising accounts. Too often, advertisers see working with an ad agency as an either/or proposition: Either you build an in-house ad team, or you hire an external agency to manage your entire PPC workflow.

But we work with companies in all kinds of different ways, not just by taking over their PPC accounts. We do audits, retainer work, management of individual portions of online ad spend, etc. We don’t think talking to an agency should be a scary thing for your in-house ad team. Just as often as we act as sole controller of our clients’ ads, we also work together with existing in-house teams to find ideal solutions.

You can choose to tackle pay-per-click advertising on your own, and plenty do–but working with an agency that specializes in digital advertising can give your business the edge you need to succeed, no matter what that working relationship looks like.

Are you in one of these situations?

Turn to the experts! Hire a PPC Hero. We won’t bite, we promise. We’re pros at working together.

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