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Display Network Survey and Series Wrap Up

We hope you’ve enjoyed this month’s PPC series on How To Succeed On The Display Network. If you missed any part of this week-long series, you can revisit it at anytime by clicking on the Blog Series tab at the …

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Google Introduces Premium Analytics

These guys can barely contain their excitement about this news You heard me correctly, folks. Or, would it be read me correctly? Either way, there’s going to be a premium version of Analytics!

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Real-Time Reports Now Available in Google Analytics

Google Analytics has been hitting the books hard lately! They’ve been making interface changes (and they aren’t done yet), as well as integrating new features in to the most recent version of the Analytics dashboard. All of those changes have somehow made your Analytics life easier when it comes to viewing data about what has been happening on your site, however today’s update takes all of that one step further: ladies and gentlemen…you’ll have to keep reading this news update to find out what it is!

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Display Network Strategy: A Three Part Approach

In the final topic for our series on how to succeed on the display network, I’ll be discussing display network strategy. I’ll break strategy down into three parts: Goals – What you intend to accomplish with your display campaign. Channels …

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Whaddya’know Wednesdays: The Top 5 Goals For E-Commerce PPC Landing Pages

This week’s Whaddya’know Wednesday expert, Chris McGee, is the Product Manager and Marketer here at Hanapin Marketing. One of the products he’s managing and marketing is, which allows you to copy and change existing landing pages to make them …

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Mobile PPC: Google Wallet, Quality Score & Speculation

Mobile search and expansion has been a hot topic throughout the year, and continues to pickup momentum. A recent study has revealed that 75% of users said mobile search makes their lives easier, 63% claimed that access to mobile search …

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Newest Developments for the Google Display Network

This is the third post in PPC Hero’s series on How to Succeed on the Display Network. This post focuses on some of the newest developments Google has made and how they apply to making the Display Network work better …

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Google’s New, Easier Instant Previews and the PPC Effect

Today we have another post from one of our PPC Hero allies, Mark Reynolds of Blazen Web Marketing. Mark is an internet marketer and web designer based in the U.K. In this post he takes a look at Google’s new Instant Previews, how it can impact the CTR of PPC ads, and offers tips on how to improve your landing pages.

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It’s Google’s 13th Birthday!

We here at PPC Hero want to wish Google a very happy 13th birthday!! Although Google’s actual birthday has been a debated topic through the years, Google has chosen September 27th as their official day to celebrate! Check out this …

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Ads in the Wild: How ‘Bout a Touch of Branding to Go with that Click?

With a few savvy exceptions, most Facebook advertising clients run ads with a strictly direct response mindset.
But while expecting measurable response from your Facebook ads is smart, it helps to keep in mind that ads aimed, written, and designed specifically for a target audience consistently outperform generically messaged and designed ads — especially when you’re measuring performance on a conversion rather than click-through basis.

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